/Worlds fattest teenager loses incredible 15.7st in seven months after gastric band

Worlds fattest teenager loses incredible 15.7st in seven months after gastric band

The world’s fattest teenager weighed a staggering 237kgs seven months ago.

But after a gastric bypass in India he has already lost a staggering 100kg.

Mihir Jain, 14, lived on a diet of fried food and fizzy drinks but he’s since dropped to 140kg after receiving a gastric bypass at Max Hospital, in Delhi, India.

The Marvel comics fan says he’s thankful he’s now able to breath properly and finally able to walk unaided.

He said: “I feel very good. I cannot believe I have reached this weight. It’s been hard work but it’s worth it.”


Mihir was the fattest teenager in the world weighing 237kgs in December 2017 – pictured here weighing 172kgs
(Image: Tanzeel Ur Rehman / Cover Asia Press)

Mihir weighed a normal 5lbs 5oz when he was born in November 2003. But by the time he reached his fifth birthday he already weighed 12st 5lbs.

His mother, Puja Jain, 35, from Delhi, said: ‘We first realised he had a problem when he was five and the doctor told us he was obese and needed surgery.’

Mihir dropped out of school and was home-tutored. While his younger sister Nandani, 13, carried on with life, Mihir lost touch with all his friends.

His typical vegetarian high-carbohydrate diet was filled with full fat milk, fried potato and vegetable cutlets, rice and vegetable curry, lots of potato, ice cream, milky coffee and fizzy drinks.

fried food

Mihir Jain, 14, stands with Dr Pradeep Chowbey, in Max Hospital, Delhi
(Image: Tanzeel Ur Rehman / Cover Asia Press)

marvel comics

Mihir is shedding the weight after a gastric bypass on April 4, 2018
(Image: Tanzeel Ur Rehman / Cover Asia Press)

Puja said: “He was very angry sitting in one place all the time. Every child wants to go here and there and spend time with friends, he was sitting in one place all the time so he was very frustrated and angry. It was hard for me to watch him.”

Eventually, in 2013, Puja and her husband Rajesh, 37, went to see Dr Pradeep Chowbey, at Max Hospital, in Delhi.

“I finally went to see the doctor in 2013 but Mihir was so big he couldn’t walk properly so I had to go without him. The doctor said he needed to see him but we couldn’t get Mihir out the house at the time,” she added.

Mihir Jain

Mihir Jain, 14, sits on his bed, at his home in Delhi, India
(Image: Tanzeel Ur Rehman / Cover Asia Press)

Finally, five years later, Mihir made it to see Dr Chowbey in December 2017 by the time he had reached an astounding 237kgs, suffered with diabetes, breathing issues and high blood pressure.

The doctor assured Mihir he could help but he had to lose a little weight on his own first. Mihir was put on a high protein diet for three months and in April this year he had dropped to 197kg.

Mihir, who loves to play on his Playstation 4 and watch Netflix, said: “I was determined to do what the doctor suggested. And when I lost weight on my own it gave me the determination to keep going.”

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