Startup advice from our Accelerator: Europe graduates

“The most valuable resource of any organization isnt a great strategy, or a huge round of financing, or even a first-class technology; its the people you hire who share crucial principles and values of the business,” Cristian states. Thats clearly crucial, but fantastic tech will not make your company effective alone,” states Marius Tuft Mathisen, CEO of Appfarm, a no-code advancement platform that helps users quickly create service apps. “Building an organization is hard work that requires time, commitment and energy,” László states.

Regardless of all of its obstacles, 2020 was a year of quick advancement and growth for the inaugural class of the Google for Startups Accelerator: Europe, an extensive three-month program developed to assist growth-stage companies construct their companies. “The most important resource of any service isnt a fantastic technique, or a big round of funding, or even a superior innovation; its the individuals you employ who share key ideas and values of the company,” Cristian says. “While division, personalization or user personalities might sound a bit jargony at first, they are super important in the later phase of your business,” he says. Thats obviously crucial, but excellent tech will not make your business successful alone,” states Marius Tuft Mathisen, CEO of Appfarm, a no-code development platform that helps users rapidly create organization apps. “Building a service is difficult work that requires time, devotion and energy,” László says.

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