The best podcasts about feminism, equality, equity, and surviving

What it is: Heavily looked into re-investigations of the major newspaper article, figures, and moral panics that we got completely incorrect.
Why its excellent: Youre Wrong About is doing Gods work by correcting the record on everything we misremember or misunderstood in our cumulative cultural memory. While not exclusively about females, a common style that has actually emerged on the podcast is that, as a society, we judge females unjustly or totally overlook their point of views. Every week, reporters Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes unmask popular myths, misconceptions, and mischaracterizations of figures like Tonya Harding and Marie Antoinette, or topics like sex trafficking and events like the O.J. Simpson trial. Maligned or forgotten ladies are a near-constant feature of these captivating deep dives. I wager you didnt know the D.C. Sniper is in fact a story about domestic violence.
Sex with Emily.

What it is: An audio diary recording a mothers journey while raising her young trans child.
Why its terrific: When How to be a Girl initially started years ago, the host was mom to a six-year-old child who just recently told her she was trans. Today, her child is now 11, nearing teenhood in a world thats quickly altering in ways a mom cant control. After a hiatus, shes started the podcast back up in the midst of the pandemic. The audio diary is an intimate portrait of a lot of different experiences of femininity, from girlhood to motherhood, both cisgender and transgender. While everything is anonymized to secure the daughters identity and she seems enthusiastic about getting involved in the podcast, there is still a particular tension in the concern of who deserves to inform this story. I typically wished the focus was more focused around the childs experiences instead of the moms point of view on her experiences. Regardless, How to be a Girl provides a wholehearted, mind-blowing window into the everyday struggles and charms of figuring it all out together.
Attempt I Say.

What it is: Bite-sized 5- to 10-minute pictures of ladies across time who made history.
Why its fantastic: History class typically paints a picture of the world that excludes about half of its population. Thats what Wonder Media Networks Encyclopedia Womannica sets out to fix, by launching 5- to 10-minute episodes on females who made history in a particular field. Every month focuses on a different location of know-how, which most just recently consisted of advocacy and music.
She Makes Money Moves.

What it is: Two buddies tackle the personal as political, with a focus on ladiess relationships and relationships to one another.
Why its terrific: Originally Call Your Girlfriend was unique for its premise. Its hosted by 2 long-distance buddies, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, who go over both their individual lives and bigger subjects associated with womanhood. Then during the pandemic, their importance increased as soon as basically everybody ended up being a long-distance pal. Call Your Girlfriend is constantly ahead of its time like that, leading by example as two ladies whove committed to their platonic friendship in ways usually reserved for familial or romantic relationships. Years earlier, when their relationship was in a precarious location, Friedman and Sow even went to couples treatment to work it out. That dedication to sisterhood is embedded into whatever they cover, offering nuanced expeditions of womens relationships to one another, whether in the individual, expert or public realm.
Encyclopedia Womannica.

In August 2020, The Wrap found that throughout a month-long period, 80 percent of the top-charting programs across the 4 most popular platforms were hosted by guys. Thats not because women worsen podcasts, but since of the imbalance of chances they get in the podcast area. Just 23 of the 109 shows were hosted by females, while 15 had co-ed hosts. Despite this huge disparity, though, ladies comprise about half of the podcast listening audience nationwide..
There is no absence of interest in podcasting from ladies, but there is sexism at play when it comes to which voices are enabled to stand out in the area. Notoriously, women podcast hosts experience disproportionate policing of their singing fry and upseak, with (typically male) listeners grumbling that they cant take women hosts seriously.
Welp, you better start taking them seriously now. In spite of the sexism they face, women podcasters continue to put out great, necessary listening week after week– both particularly geared towards womens concerns and lives as well as those that deal with more basic subjects.
So for all the underserved women podcast listeners out here, weve got you. Weve compiled a big yet undoubtedly insufficient list of a few of the very best women-led and women-centric podcasts. From problems of gender equality, equity, feminism, history, mental health, sexual health, relationships, and pop culture, these podcasts make sure marginalized voices are being heard.

What it is: An useful, no bullshit, engaging guide to combating for equity in a variety of femaless everyday lives.
Why its terrific: Women-focused cash and company podcasts often reek of #GirlBoss rhetoric that feels disingenuous, paltry, and buying from. However She Makes Money Moves stands out as one of the couple of that is not only grounded in ladiess real-life battles, however also uses them genuine options instead of platitudes. Each episode is structured around an interview with a lady dealing with a particular monetary issue, then completes with a specialist that provides suggestions for how she can begin to tackle it. Whether its negotiating income or improving credit as a brand-new immigrant in America, host Samantha Barry covers a diverse breadth of life experiences while always offering generally useful guidance..
Thirst Aid Kit.

Moving forward needs focus. Mashables Social Good Series is devoted to exploring paths to a greater good, highlighting concerns that are important to making the world a much better location.

What it is: Rigorous local reporting with prevalent national significance, Dig exposes stunning facts about exactly how our systems fail victims and survivors of rape.
“Weve heard it prior to: Its difficult to get a rapist convicted. While a summary of Dig can sound too logistical to be interesting, excellent storytelling and gutting individual accounts from survivors render these oppressions impossible to turn away from. If you have even a passing interest in the problems brought to light by the Me Too movement, this is an important (if infuriating) podcast listen.”.
The Cut.

What it is: A humorous, informal discussion between two friends entering the down and filthy of all things racy.
In Whoreible Decisions, they grace us with all the really specific details of their enviably daring sex and love lives. Like the WAP of podcasts, they are unapologetically bold and audacious. Both by leading by example and giving really genuine suggestions with the assistance of unique visitors including physicians and porn stars, the podcast opens listeners up to parts of sex no one else dares talk about.”.
The Bechdel Cast.

What it is: A queer news and pop culture podcast centered around the perspectives of 2 lesbians.
Why its great: [From our Best Sex, Relationship, Dating, and Erotica podcasts roundup] “Dyking Out is one of the podcasts that integrates more news and pop culture aspects, covering whatever existing occasions the hosts interpret as converging with queerness. Hosted by comics Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali, as the name suggests, Dyking Out focuses specifically on the views of ladies who love ladies. The guests typically offer more diversity in point of views, though, with among the most recent being comedian and author Ashley Ray talking about her solo polyamory lifestyle.”

What it is: Scholarly feminist horror movie analysis.
Why its terrific: [From our Best Podcasts for Horror Lovers roundup] “If you love analyzing scary movies through the Freudian-feminist movie criticism that offered us such terms as the Final Girl, then youll love Faculty of Horror. Every episode, horror academics Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West select a scholarly style to check out deep dives on several scary movies that exhibit it. Covering a series of topics and styles– from the gothic landscape to body horror and the monstrous-feminine– they expose how the scary genre can give us insight into the darkest parts of the human mind.”.
Stuff Mom Never Told You.

What it is: Women stars speak about the most pressing issues they and others deal with in their markets and at big.
Why its excellent: Harpers Bazaars Dare I Say podcast is hosted by director and actor Olivia Wilde, who each episode assists in a conversation between other well-known ladies in the spotlight, from Jameela Jamil to Jane Fonda and Laverne Cox. Listen, we understand celebrities dont always (or perhaps often) have the answers, however neglecting all their voices, particularly those whove been marginalized, would be a huge error. At the extremely least, its essential to know how messages of feminism are being spread through those who are making popular culture..
Dyking Out.

Adewunmi and Perkins develop a lovely space for normalizing the desire of females (especially ladies of color), questioning social scripts while visualizing a world of much healthier love with more unchecked enthusiasm.”.
While not exclusively about females, a typical style that has emerged on the podcast is that, as a society, we judge females unjustly or entirely overlook their perspectives. Why its excellent: While this is another recommendation that isnt just restricted to women, femaless trauma is frequently front and center of Terrible, Thanks for Asking. Things Mom Never Told You is all about bringing those too typically unnoticeable figures and issues to the leading edge, whether through highlighting females in the U.S. Postal Service or ladies in QAnon, along with more themed episodes dealing with topics like misogynoir in hip hop. Hosted by comedians Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali, as the name recommends, Dyking Out focuses specifically on the views of females who enjoy ladies.

What it is: Tackling the womens concerns that frequently get excluded or under-discussed.
Why its excellent: There are a lot of things that culture (forget your poor mommy) leaves out about being a woman. Things Mom Never Told You is all about bringing those too typically invisible figures and issues to the forefront, whether through highlighting women in the U.S. Postal Service or ladies in QAnon, along with more themed episodes dealing with subjects like misogynoir in hip hop. Hosts Anney Reese and Samantha McVey bring the HowStuffWorks format to femaless problems, and its as engaging as it is informing.
Whoreible Decisions.

What it is: Hilarious, frank conversations on feminism, on both a social and individual scale.
Why its fantastic: Roxane Gays 2014 book Bad Feminist popularized the feminist confessional format, lastly giving us authorization to admit that we typically fall brief of the gender equality perfects when they clash with the reality of living in a patriarchy. Comedian and author Deborah Frances-White brings that unfiltered method to feminism to the podcasting world. The show (typically recorded reside in front of an audience however more recently over Zoom) invites unique guests on to talk through the synchronised pity, strength, strife, and victory of being a feminist today..

What it is: Weekly chats on a range of mental health subjects geared specifically towards Black women.
Why its terrific: Black ladies are among the most underserved demographics in American society, particularly when it comes to treatment. Thats why host and licensed psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradfords Therapy for Black Girls is so essential. Dr. Harden Bradford, who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, offers informal therapy sessions on a broad spectrum of mental health problems and methods for whatever from processing communal grief to finding firm through satisfaction. Episodes are structured around interviews with a professional and then a listener suggestions segment. Dr. Harden Bradford is mindful to start with a disclaimer that the podcast is no alternative to actual one-on-one therapy, providing resources for how to find one on the Therapy for Black Girls site.
The Heart.

What it is: An excruciating take a look at what it requires to bring down a cherished beast, both as a victim and a reporter.
Why its great: [From our Best True Crime Podcasts of All Time] “The Los Angeles Times is up there with the CBC in producing some of the most outstanding, award-winning real criminal activity investigative podcasts to date (others of which we covered here). But Chasing Cosby sticks out since of the sheer doggedness of press reporter and host Nicki Weisensee Egan, who has actually been fighting tooth and nail to tell these survivors stories given that 2005. Nobody listened then, and there is a spine-tingling power in hearing their personal accounts and nerve from this sustaining the decades-long pursuit to put an apparently untouchable enemy behind bars.”.
The Guilty Feminist.

What it is: Weekly discussions around one movies representation of women.
Why its great: Dont cross out The Bechdel Cast for being called after whats now seen as an out-of-date construct for determining ladiess representation in film. Hosts Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus are aware of the Bechdel tests limitations, rather utilizing the principle as a leaping off point for much deeper discussions around representation at large in that weeks movie. Offering a fantastic balance of humor and analysis, every podcast ends with them (and often a guest) rating the movie on a 1-5 nipple scale– a system our company believe everyone needs to adopt as the new requirement.
How to be a Girl.

What it is: Interviews with females trailblazers, discussing their pioneering work and the ladies in history who influenced them.
Why its terrific: Our shameless self-plug, History Becomes Her is a Mashable podcast that asks todays greatest heroines about the women from the past who inspired them. Hosted by reporter Rachel Thompson, its an amalgamation and celebration of history makers, whether previous or present. Season 1 starts with Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the press reporters behind the New York Times Harvey Weinstein investigation that assisted spark mainstream momentum behind the Me Too motion.
You Must Remember This.

What it is: A longtime favorite interview and guidance podcast hosted by sex therapist Emily Morse.
Why its terrific: [From our Best Sex, Relationship, Dating, and Erotica podcasts roundup] “While the structure of this podcast is like many others, theres something specifically reassuring about Morses method. Shes a great voice to have in your head whenever you encounter sexual difficulties or uncertainties in your genuine life, with advice that runs the gamut from medical competence to astrology charts.”.
There Are No Girls on the Internet.

What it is: BBCs hour-long re-cap of international news items connected to womens issues.
Why its fantastic: Admittedly, this radio shows tagline of “a female point of view on the news” sounds lovely cringe at very first blush. In reality, BBC Radios Womans Hour offers a much-needed coalescence of current occasions affecting women around the world. By highlighting news for and about females, it only goes to show exactly how omitted ladies are from every other hour of news reporting..
Call Your Girlfriend.

For a long time, podcasts were viewed as a boys club. Women have been a main (if less noticeable or heard) force behind podcastings rise, specifically with a recent wave of podcasts particularly geared toward feminism, femaless problems, gender equality, and equity.
From hosts to audience demographics and topic, however, male-centric point of views still dominate the leading areas of podcasting lists.

What it is: A vital listen amplifying the marginalized voices who form the internet and explorations of being a lady online..
Why its excellent: Listen, we love Reply All as much as anybody, however a program about the internet hosted by two white guys is bound to neglect some important point of views. Host Bridget Todd offers the under-recognized ladies who develop and experience innovation a much-needed spotlight, both through interviews in addition to her own crucial analysis in There Are No Girls on the Internet. For instance, one recent episode was about Nandini Jammi, the Black woman who wasnt getting credit for co-founding the Sleeping Giants tech start-up. Another checks out Missy Elliot as a digital pioneer who doesnt get credit for her innovations.
Terrible, Thanks for Asking.

What it is: Weekly deep dives into necessary topics around modern-day life, from one of the very best culture mags around.
Why its fantastic: While not explicitly branded as feminist or for women, The Cut is a powerhouse of ladiess voices tackling a vast array of topics, whether pop culture, the web, style, sex, relationships, or politics. Hosted by Avery Trufelman, each episode follows an interesting line of query that just sparks more interest and even larger concerns than you started with.
History Becomes Her.

What it is: A storytelling focused podcast all about healing, sisterhood, discovering your power, and making your voice heard.
Why its great: On hey, girl, host Alex Elle brings an intimacy to discussions around ladiess freedom that is quite particular. As an author, shes typically most interested in what innovative and spiritual liberty implies for females, bringing on guests who range from relative to activists and fellow artists.
BBC Radio 4 Womans Hour.

What it is: A wholesome popular culture podcast that evaluates representations of love, love, and heartthrobs.
Why its terrific: [From our Excellent Podcasts with Black Hosts roundup] “Thirst Aid Kit is a beacon of love, light, and (of course) unquenchable thirst. Through extensive conversations on romance in pop culture, hosts Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins dive into the bottomless pool of womens desires. While the discussion remains light and amusing, they likewise get to the heart of underlying problems surrounding representations of romance, from why it awakens our thirst to who it leaves out. Adewunmi and Perkins develop a lovely space for stabilizing the desire of women (particularly women of color), questioning social scripts while visualizing a world of much healthier love with more unbridled enthusiasm.”.
Therapy for Black Girls.

What it is: Great non-fiction storytelling on Hollywood history, frequently with a particular concentrate on ladiess viewpoints.
Why its terrific: [From our Best Podcasts of 2020 roundup] “Karina Longworth, among the very best writers and reporters to grace podcasting, is back with another season exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywoods first century. This time its to tell the story of Polly Platt, who passed away in 2011 but left behind a long and extremely influential movie profession that (surprise, surprise) the world stopped working to give her full credit for while she was alive. Conquering a litany of individual disasters and rampant sexism in Hollywood throughout the 70s- 90s, Platt was a driving force behind a few of the most well-known movies of those ages. Her moment in the spotlight is long past due, however Longworth does an incredible task making up for wasted time through comprehensive research study, interviews with those closest to Platt, and even readings from her unpublished memoirs.”.
Youre Wrong About.

What it is: Bi-monthly investigative deep dives into crossways of pop culture and feminism.
Why its terrific: This Bitch Media podcast provides the greatest brow analysis on even the “most affordable brow” parts of popular culture that effect women. Each season host Carmen Rios centers a multi-part series around a single subject, from glamour to heat, exploring the nuances of sexism in everything from the Spice Girls to diet culture– and how those all converge with issues around race, socioeconomic battles, and misogyny. The podcast is terrific for re-examining a few of the unfavorable messaging embedded into mass-produced capitalist patterns targeted at females, while likewise making the argument for how we reclaim what we love about them for ourselves..
hi, lady.

What it is: A place for processing injury and how awful were all doing through private individualss stories.
Why its excellent: While this is another suggestion that isnt just limited to ladies, femaless injury is typically front and center of Terrible, Thanks for Asking. Author and self-described notable widow Nora McInerny hosts a weekly interview podcast talking through different visitors pain, life injury, and psychological health battles. Its a podcast that isnt afraid to sit with the sensation of not being OKAY and, strangely, thats strangely comforting– especially now..
Professors of Horror.

What it is: Two reporters conduct interviews and conversations around how to state fuck you to the system and get what you are worthy of..
Why its great: In 2018, Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, the initial hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You, left to launch their brand-new Unladylike podcast– and its been a staple of feminist podcasting ever since. With episode titles that follow a “how to” structure, theyre everything about research-driven explorations and examples of ladies overcoming the sexism and misogyny that touches our everyday lives. As the name recommends, its sustained by a relatable undercurrent of rage, highlighting rule-breakers who break gender standards in the battle for equality.

What it is: Various kinds of acoustic narrative art checking out intimacy from all angles, particularly the experiences of females and LGBTQ folks.
Why its fantastic: [From our Best Sex, Relationship, Dating, and Erotica podcasts roundup] “Kaitlin Prest brings you in closer than any other host on this list. Covering all things intimacy from an achingly human viewpoint, each episode seems like dropping off to sleep on your fans chest, listening to the special rhythm of their body. Often highlighting LGBTQ and femaless viewpoints, it includes many guest hosts, with formats spanning from poetry to imaginary stories to individual essays. In summary, The Heart is a feat of auditory storytelling that travels into every artery of human relationships, from romantic to family to friendship to our meta relationships with larger cultural problems.”.
Chasing after Cosby.

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