Slack’s new recent status feature is roasting us for our many lunch breaks

Required to tell your co-workers youre taking lunch? Slack will now let you select from your last five custom-made statuses so you dont have to type them (and discover the right emoji) over and over once again.
Thats it, thats the news– but its currently becoming a most welcome feature at The Verge, let me inform you.
Other than possibly for the shaming:

A minimum of Kaitlins got lots of protein and fruit in her diet plan, unlike me (see leading image). I may require to lay off the carbs a bit?
The changes appear to be server-side, and theyre new as of September– however contrary to what Slacks changelog states, were seeing them on Android and iOS also, not just desktop.
I think you could utilize them for other things than lunch, if you really wished to.

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