10 of the best podcasts for horror fans

Horror and podcasting are like a match made in paradise (or rather hell), harkening back to times when we used to tell ghost stories around a campfire.
The connection in between horror and podcasts arguably goes back to among mankinds oldest and most universal traditions. Listening to people tell frightening stories was a staple of oral storytelling, and the technological development of podcasting has actually only increased that scary connection.
The inextricable link between horror and podcasting might even help describe why real crime is the genre that flourishes most in the medium. At the end of the day, what holds true criminal offense if not a lot of real-life horror stories about individualss gruesome murders and disappearances?
The scary podcast category gets far insufficient attention, which suggests a great deal of individuals that d like it arent even aware that scary and podcasting make best bedfellows. But were here to assist by shining a light on this dark and twisted category with recommendations for some of the biggest scary podcasts of all time. Whether youre a fan of scary movies, frightening stories (both fiction and non-fiction), or even real-world true criminal offense, theres a frightening podcast for everybody on this list.

Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

What it is: The one podcast produced both horror fans and horror weenies.
Why its fantastic: A new podcast from the Reply All guys, The Scaredy Cats Horror Show discovers co-hosts Alex Goldman attempting to share his love of scary films with PJ Vogt, who definitely hates them. The goal of the five-episode spinoff is to train Vogt to be less of a scaredy feline by feeding him a consistent diet of horror movies, from The Exorcist to Get Out. Scary fans will wish to go in other places for more thorough analysis, however theres lots of hilarious schadenfreude to enjoy in Vogts distress. Scaredy felines can take pleasure in the program due to the fact that it offers plot synopses of horror movies theyre likewise too terrified to enjoy themselves.

The scary podcast category gets far too little attention, which indicates a lot of the people that d love it arent even mindful that horror and podcasting make perfect bedfellows. The limited-run horror podcast was so popular that it became its own full-blown spin-off, thrilling horror and oral storytelling fans alike.
Why its great: A brand-new podcast from the Reply All guys, The Scaredy Cats Horror Show discovers co-hosts Alex Goldman trying to share his love of scary motion pictures with PJ Vogt, who definitely dislikes them. Why its great: If you love examining scary films through the Freudian-feminist film criticism lens that provided us such terms as the Final Girl, then youll adore Faculty of Horror. Every episode, horror academics Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West pick a scholarly theme to explore deep dives on one or more scary films that exemplify it.

What it is: An imaginary true crime podcast that combines S-Town and serial with timeless horror home entertainment like Silent Hill and Pontypool.
Why its excellent: Limetown nails the real criminal offense investigative podcast ambiance so completely its easy to get so immersed that you in fact start thinking this audio drama is genuine. We wont ruin any more of this scary podcasts gripping plot.
Professors of Horror.

What it is: Deep dives into the most inexplicable unsolved cases, from aliens to the paranormal.
True criminal offense fans will acknowledge host Ashley Flowers from her hugely popular podcast Crime Junkie. Supernatural mimics that format practically to a T, but permits Flowers to investigate the more surreal and out-of-this-world cases and events that dont fit the Crime Junkie oeuvre. There are no neat responses here, but youll be enthralled by her storytelling on everything from the inexplicable deaths of 9 young Russian teenagers on a treking path (aka the Dyatloz Pass case) and allegedly leaked files from the U.S. governments top-secret task force on the 1947 Roswell crash.
The NoSleep Podcast.

What it is: Scare-filled oral storytelling at its outright finest.
Why its fantastic: Host Glynn Washington is one of the finest storytellers in podcasting, which is why the regular Snap Judgment podcast is also well worth a listen. Spooked originally ran as a restricted series throughout October on Snap Judgment, with tales of the paranormal informed by those who experienced it themselves. The limited-run scary podcast was so popular that it became its own full-blown spin-off, delighting horror and oral storytelling fans alike.
The Last Podcast on the Left

What it is: A fun yet insightful popular culture podcast solely for horror fans.
Why its terrific: Scream, Queen resembles the wicked dark twin sis to all your preferred standard popular culture podcasts like Pop Culture Happy Hour or The Read. Weekly co-hosts Drea Washington and Tommy Pico cover a plethora of all things horror-related, celebrating and analyzing their favorite frightening films, games, books, and programs. Most importantly, they bring special Black, queer, and Indigenous point of views to the horror discourse, all of which are sorely needed in a category otherwise controlled by straight white males and females..

What it is: A horror anthology bringing you the best of what the web has to provide.
Why its fantastic: Any horror fan worth their salt knows about the r/Nosleep subreddit, the popular house for web creepypasta in the tradition of Slender Man. The NoSleep Podcast is just as much of a staple of that scary web economy, too, starting all the method back in 2011. Every week, the leading stories on the subreddit are picked and narrated by a range of skills, with previous star guests even including Elijah Wood. If youre unsure where to begin in its enormous stockpile, have a look at their curated “sampler” lists.
Shout, Queen.

What it is: A narrative podcast ideal for enthusiasts of teen scary and urban myths.
Even if youre not normally a fan of imaginary storytelling podcasts, you require to offer Borrasca a try. This wonderful realism-like scary story revolves around a string of disappearances in a little Missouri town with dark secrets and traditions. After his sibling Whitney goes missing, he and his teen buddies attempt to fix the mystery of numerous disappearances and their potential connection to regional legends.

What it is: Horror motion picture analysis for film geeks and feminists in specific.
Why its excellent: If you enjoy evaluating scary motion pictures through the Freudian-feminist film criticism lens that gave us such terms as the Final Girl, then youll adore Faculty of Horror. Every episode, scary academics Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West choose a scholarly theme to check out deep dives on one or more scary films that exemplify it. Covering a series of topics and themes– from the gothic landscape to body horror to the monstrous-feminine– they expose how the horror genre can give us insight into the darkest parts of the human mind.
Haunted Places.

What it is: A rag-tag team of real crime podcasting legends take you on heavily looked into deep dives into all things serial killers, cults, conspiracies, and the “scary gooky.”
The really popular Last Podcast on the Left covers real criminal activity with cavalier and typically flat out revolting gross-out humor, which either is or is not for you. Undoubtedly a gotten taste, theres no denying that Last Podcast on the Left goes locations couple of other real criminal offense podcasts would touch with a 10-foot pole (possibly for great factor)– and theyve been doing it for longer than truly anybody else on this list. Always completely amusing and looked into, every subject covered gets the complete Last Podcast on the Left treatment, whether its L. Ron Hubbard, JonBenĂ©t Ramsey, or the cryptozoological search for bigfoot.
The Scaredy Cats Horror Show

What it is: Exactly what it sounds like.
Why its fantastic: Each week Parcasts Haunted Places takes you to the most cursed locations around the globe. Some weeks even additionally explore an urban legend, using that same format for a deep dive into the frightening stories we all grew up hearing.

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